Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering Department of Micro Engineering
Machining Measurement and Control Laboratory

Machining, Measurement, and Control Laboratory, headed by Professor Atsushi Matsubara of Microengineering Department in Kyoto University, focuses on development and research of technologies related to manufacturing. Current research projects include various approaches to high-speed, high-efficiency machining from the viewpoint of intelligent control of NC (numerically controlled) machine tools, servo control of feed drive systems, and computer-aided design manufacturing.

News Last updated at 2017 6/9

2017 6/9
Kyoto Uviversity
Motohiro Ihara won the Kyoto University Yoshida Award.
2017 3/24
Motohiro Ihara won the JSME Hatakeyama Award.
2017 3/13
JSME Kansai Branch
Ryo Kondo won the MECHAVOCATION Best Poster Award.
2016 3/24
Yusuke Hasegawa won the JSME Miura Award.
2015 3/24
Keishi Nagae won the JSME Miura Award.
2014 3/24
Hiraku Sugiura won the JSME Miura Award.
2014 3/18
Prof. Daisuke Kono won the 2013 JSPE Young Researcher Award. Given to the paper: JE43