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A Study on the Accuracy Improvement by Using Temperature Control of Ball Screw with Hollow Shaft
Kazuo Miyaguchi (NSK Ltd.)
Shinya Nakamura (NSK Ltd.)
Tsutomu Ohkubo (NSK Ltd.)
Yoshiaki Kakino (Kyoto University)

Ball screws are very easy to thermally deform, since it is fairy long, and it has a small heat capacity and large heat generation at a nut and bearings. Therefore, the thermal deformation of a ball screw is a critical issue for high-speed machine tools, especially for high-speed machining centers. A ball screw of a hollow shaft and the circulation of thermally controlled liquid has been developed to keep the thermal stability. This paper presents the analysis of the thermal characteristics of a ball screw and shows the effectiveness of the present approach. It is shown by experimentation that the thermal deformation of a ball screw with a hollow shaft becomes dramatically smaller than conventional ball screws.

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