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Honing Process on a Machining Center
Heisaburo Nakagawa (The University of Shiga Prefecture)
Toshiki Hirogaki (The University of Shiga Prefecture)
Yoshiaki Kakino (Kyoto University)

Honing is an abrasive machining process that rounds, smoothes, and enlarges bores in end products. However, it requires a single-purpose machine tool. We thus developed a honing unit that can be used on a machining center in order to reduce new investment in plants and to automate the honing process. This unit is light and compact, so that it can be inserted in the tool magazine of a machining center. From experiments on its performance, it was demonstrated that this unit can produce good roundness, surface roughness, stable stock removal and cylindricity. Lead-time can be reduced considerably, because the workpiece does not have to be unloaded when the honing unit is used. The developed honing unit offers many advantages over the conventional method, especially in job shop- type production. The potential for automation and savings in cost and time is greatly increased.

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