Machining, Measurement, and Control Laboratory

Tool path planning using trochoid cycles for hardened steel in die and mold manufacturing (1st report)
-- Tool path generation for trochoid cycles based on Voronoi diagram --

Soichi Ibaraki (Kyoto University)
Iwao Yamaji (Kyoto University)
Yoshiaki Kakino (Kyoto University)
Daisuke Inoue (Kubota Corporation)
Susumu Nishida (Graphic Products)

Rough cutting of hardened steel by a straight end mill has been recognized as a key strategy to enhace the productivity in die and mold manufacturing. The conventional tool planning strategy based on contour parallel paths often causes an excessive tool load at specific regions such as a sharp coner. We propose a tool path generation strategy with trochoid cycles to remove such a critical cutting region. Trochoidal tool paths can be generated for an arbitrary two-dimensional pocket contour by using the proposed algorithm based on the Voronoi diagram. Preliminary machining tests are presented to show the effectiveness of the torchoidal grooving to avoid an excessive tool load.

Key words: die and mold manufacturing, tool path planning, end mill, contour parallel paths, trochoid cycles, Voronoi diagram.