Machining, Measurement, and Control Laboratory

Optimization of Slot End-Milling Process by Fixed Cycle Analysis for Die/Mold Machining

Wei L. Wang, Ying Tang, Yoshiaki Kakino, Iwao Yamaji
(Kyoto University)
Tomonori Sato (Mitsubishi Electric Co. Ltd.)
Hirotoshi Ohtsuka, (Oita Industrial Research Institute)

This paper is a study of process optimization of Die and Mold milling. It is a further extension of the previously presented study on the fixed cycle analysis and constant cutting force control. The machining time and the total cutting length under the constant cutting force control are calculated respectively by integrating the chip rate and the rate of cutting length along the tool path. A tool life model based on total cutting length is discussed. After applying such analysis and simulation to a case study, two important conclusions are drawn for slot end-milling with the trochoid fixed cycles.

Keywords:   Die/mold machining, end milling fixed cycle, slot, trochoid tool path