Machining, Measurement, and Control Laboratory

Simulation and Control of Cutting Forces in 2-1/2 Dimensional End Milling Processes
Soichi Ibaraki, Masahiro Sakahira,
Atsushi Matsubara, and Yoshiaki Kakino
(Kyoto University)

This paper presents a machining process simulator for 2-1/2 dimensional end milling processes. From an arbitrary NC program, the simulator extracts machining conditions that are not explicitly written in the NC program, such as the depth of cut, along the entire tool path. The cutting force is then simulated over the whole path based on the prediction model, which can be easily identified by conducting a set of pre-process machining tests. Furthermore, the process simulation can be straightforwardly extended to the cutting force control. An iterative learning control method of cutting forces based on in-process updating of the simulation model is presented. The validity of the process simulation and the cutting force control method is verified in experimentation.

Keywords:   End milling, cutting forces, machining process simulator, cutting force control