Machining, Measurement, and Control Laboratory

An Intelligent Process Control System for End Milling Processes
Masanori Murozumi (Mori Seiki Co., Ltd.)
Hidenori Saraie (Mori Seiki Co., Ltd.)
Yoshiaki Kakino (Kakino Research Institute)
Soichi Ibaraki (Kyoto University)

This paper presents a process design scheme to determine machining conditions and a tool within each canned cycle, under the assumption that the cutting force is regulated at a constant level by performing the feedrate optimization. Furthermore, a process planning scheme to extract machining features from the given product geometry, to allot canned cycles to each machining feature, and to optimize the machining procedure is presented. As an objective function for the optimization, the total production cost is used. To investigate the validity of proposed process planning scheme, it is applied to the machining of a base mold part.
Key Words: end milling, machining cost, process planning, canned cycle, intelligent manufacturing system.