Machining, Measurement, and Control Laboratory

Error Calibration for Five-Axis Machine Tools by On-the-Machine Measurement Using a Touch-Trigger Probe
Soichi Ibaraki, Yusuke Ota

This paper presents a scheme to calibrate the error map of the rotary axes of a five-axis machine tool. This is done by means of on-the-machine measurement of a test piece using a contact-type touch-trigger probe. The present probing-based approach is more suitable for efficient and automated “self-calibration,” than conventional calibration schemes, such as ball bar tests or R-test. It is thus advantageous in the application to periodic checking of the error map, or periodic updating of its numerical compensation. In the present approach, a test piece of arbitrary geometry, e.g. a raw unmachined workpiece, can be used as the probing target. An experimental demonstration is presented.
Keywords: five-axis machine tools, touch-trigger probe, geometric errors, error map, error calibration.