Machining, Measurement, and Control Laboratory

Experimental characterization of disturbance force in a linear drive system with high-precision rolling guideways
Tomoya Fujita, Atsushi Matsubara, KazuoYamazaki

This paper describes a characterization method of disturbance force in a linear drive system supported by high-precision rolling guideways. Disturbance force is divided into the friction component and other disturbance force. Experimental characterization method to analyze effect of global position, effect of micro-position and effect of table velocity is suggested. With stop-dwell-go and reversal motions, characterization experiment and analysis are conducted on a positioning system consists of a linear motor and rolling guideways. Firstly, global disturbance force depends on global position and stick and slip friction components are characterized. Secondly, stick friction force is separated from stick and slip friction force in the micro-region. Thirdly, influence of the velocity is analyzed. Finally, a modified single bristle model, which describes friction characteristics in the micro-regime, is shown to simulate the measured disturbance force.
Keywords: Disturbance force analysis; Friction analysis; Rolling guideway; Linear drive system