Machining, Measurement, and Control Laboratory

Error map construction for rotary axes on five-axis machine tools by on-the-machine measurement using a touch-trigger probe
Soichi Ibaraki, Takeyuki Iritani, Tetsuya Matsushita

Position-dependent geometric errors, or “error map,” of a rotary axis represent how position and orientation of the axis of rotation change with its rotation. This paper proposes a scheme to calibrate the error map of rotary axes by on-the-machine measurement of test pieces by using a contact-type touch-trigger probe installed on the machine's spindle. The present scheme enables more efficient and automated error calibration, which is crucial to implement periodic check of rotary axes error map or periodic update of its numerical compensation for five-axis machine tools. The uncertainty analysis of the error calibration is also presented with a particular interest in the influence of error motions of linear axes. The experimental demonstration is presented.
Keywords: Five-axis machine tools, Rotary axis, Error map, Location errors, Touch-trigger probe, Error calibration.