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A Method for Quick Measurement and Diagnosis of the Arbitrary Shape Contouring Errors of NC Machine Tools
Yoshiaki Kakino
Yukitoshi Ihara
Shuding Lin

In this study, a quick measurement and diagnosis method for freeform contouring motion errors is proposed with cross grid encoder (KGM) method and position feedback data (PFD) from NC servo control system. The study was performed by using KGM system to measure the contouring motion accuracy of NC machine tools with a designed pattern as contouring path which includes straight lines, arcs, right angle corner, dull corner and sharp corner. At the same time, the positioning data detected by linear scale or encoder is sampled, the deviation between the nominal trace and the actual trace is amplified and drawn with the same measured pattern as KGM system. The measurements are performed by changing the feedrate, measured patter setting angle and size etc. By diagnosing the error traces measured with both methods, the error origins from mechanical system and servo system can be detected quickly. The diagnosis with DBB measurement shows the same results as the proposed methods.

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