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In-situ Measurement of Grinding Wheel Surface Topography and Its Influence on the Surface Roughness
Yoshiaki Kakino
Atsushi Matsubara
Heisaburo Nakagawa
Toshiki Hirogaki
Yoshihiro Kita

In grinding processes, the surface profile of a grinding wheel is an important factor to determine the surface roughness of the workpiece after grinding. There have been many studies dealing with measuring the surface of the grinding wheel using the two-dimensional method. However, there have been few reports in which it was measured using a three-dimensional method. Therefore, the aim of the present investigation is to measure the surface topography of the grinding wheel absolutely in three dimensions. In particular, we describe a new measuring system developed using a laser stylus unit on the machine tool table to analyze the surface topography of a grinding wheel. This system makes it possible to measure the entire surface of the grinding wheel in periphery.

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