Machining, Measurement, and Control Laboratory

Characteristics of roller guideways for ultra-precision machine tools measurement of resistance force at driving table
Yoshiaki Kai, Masahiko Fukuta, Atsushi Matsubara, Daisuke Kono

This paper discusses the resistance force, including the friction force, of guideways used in ultra-precision machine tools. Among linear rolling guideways, V-V roller guideways enable particularly high motion accuracy. In this study, the resistance force of the V-V roller guideways is measured to investigate its fluctuation behavior. The feed drive system consists of V-V roller guideways and linear motors. The resistance force is calculated from the motor current feedback of the linear motor. The experimental results confirmed that the resistance force remaining after table motion, the so-called stick friction force, is small with the V-V roller guideways. Similar to the resistance force of general linear rolling guideways, the resistance force is dependent on the Herzian contact area at the start of motion. Compared with general linear rolling guideways, the variation of the resistance force is small with V-V roller guideways.
Keywords: Ultra precision machine tools, V-V roller guideways, Linear motor, Friction, Contact mechanics.