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High Speed , High Productive Tapping by Intelligent Machine Tools
Yoshinori YAMAOKA, Yamazaki Mazak Corp.
Yoshiaki KAKINO, Kyoto University
Yasuhiko SUZUKI, Yamazaki Mazak Corp.

High speed, high productivity tapping has been studied by using newly developed intelligent machine tools. The intelligent machine tools have three levels of feedback loop, which can control the cutting forces and torque during tapping process and can decide the cutting conditions.Cutting forces and torque, which are estimated by internal sensor, coincided with measured force and torque of tool dynamometer during tapping process. By using the signal from internal sensors, the monitoring of the cutting forces and torque of M4 tap and larger for steel, cast iron and aluminum alloy were proved to be possible through experiments. The cutting forces and torque increase as the tool wears, so tool life was estimated by the increase of cutting forces or torque successfully. And monitoring the chip jamming during tapping process was also proved to be possible.

Key words: Intelligent machine tools, Tapping, Tool life, Cutting torque

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