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Monitoring of Cutting Forces for Intelligent End Milling
Atsushi MATSUBARA, Yoshiaki KAKINO, Takashi OGAWA
(Kyoto University)

This paper deals with the cutting force monitoring for intelligent end milling operations. A monitoring method, which utilizes sensitive displacement sensors, is discussed. The sensors are installed in X Y directions near the front bearings of the spindle, to detect the small displacements of a spindle caused by cutting forces. Cutting forces are estimated from the displacement signals by the simple signal processing technique. Monitoring tests are carried out under end milling operations on aluminum, steel and cast iron workpieces. The estimated cutting forces are compared with the measured cutting forces by the tool dynamometer to validate the accuracy and reliability. The test results show that the monitoring system is reliable for the adaptive control of machining accuracy for end milling process.

Key words: NC Machine Tools, NC Servo System, Cutting Force, Monitoring System, Adaptive Control

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