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Study on the Generating Mechanism of the Stick Motion of the NC Servo System in the Machine Tools
Yoshiaki Kakino Atsushi Matsubara, Lin Shuding, Satoshi Owaki
(Kyoto University)

The generating mechanism of stick motion, which appears on the motion error during circular interpolation motion in NC machine tools, has been studied in this paper. First, the amount of stick motion was simulated using the dynamic model of the feed drive mechanism with friction characteristics. The amount of friction force used in this simulation was identified by the experiment, and the results of the simulation corresponded to the results of the experiment under all conditions. Then, an analytical method to predict the amount of stick motion is also proposed. The analytical solutions were in agreement with the results of the experiment.

Key words: NC Machine Tools, NC Servo System, Circular Interpolation, Friction, Stick Motion, Simulation, Analytical Solution.

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