Machining, Measurement, and Control Laboratory

Study on Material Removal Process by Considering Dynamic Stiffness of Workpiece
Yusuke Koike, Atsushi Matsubara, Fumiya Yoshino

Relative displacements between tool and workpiece (e.g. chatter vibrations) shorten tool life and deteriorate machining accuracy. These vibrations are determined with cutting forces and static or dynamic compliance of cutting tools, a workpiece or machine tools. In these values, static or dynamic compliance of a workpiece has a feature to change during a machining process. Thus, we propose an algorithm to generate a material removal process which considers dynamic compliance and natural frequencies of workpiece by using FEM (Finite Element Method) and eigenvalue analysis. The generated material removal process is compared with a conventional material removal process by executing a numerical experiment. The result shows that the generated material removal process can decrease dynamic compliance of workpiece during a machining process.
Key words: Dynamic Stiffness, Workpiece, Finite Element Method, Eigenvalue Analysis, Machining.