Machining, Measurement, and Control Laboratory

Monitoring Method of Cutting Force by Using Additional Spindle Sensors
Ahmed Aly Diaa Sarhan, Atsushi Matsubara, Motoyuki Sugihara, Hidenori Saraie, Soichi Ibaraki, Yoshiaki Kakino

This paper describes a monitoring method of cutting forces for end milling process by using displacement sensors. Four eddy-current displacement sensors are installed on the spindle housing of a machining center so that they can detect the radial motion of the rotating spindle. Thermocouples are also attached to the spindle structure in order to examine the thermal effect in the displacement sensing. The change in the spindle stiffness due to the spindle temperature and the speed is investigated as well. Finally, the estimation performance of cutting forces using the spindle displacement sensors is experimentally investigated by machining tests on carbon steel in end milling operations under different cutting conditions. It is found that the monitoring errors are attributable to the thermal displacement of the spindle, the time lag of the sensing system, and the modeling error of the spindle stiffness. It is also shown that the root mean square errors between estimated and measured amplitudes of cutting forces are reduced to be less than 20 N with proper selection of the linear stiffness.