Machining, Measurement, and Control Laboratory

Measurement and compensation of motion errors on 5-axis machine tool by R-test (1st report)
-- Procedure of R-test measurement and identification of geometric errors on 5-axis machine tool--

Soichi Ibaraki, Chiaki Oyama, Hisashi Otsubo

The inclusion of the application of the ball bar measurement to the accuracy calibration of five-axis machine tools into the revision of ISO standards is currently under the discussion. This paper presents more efficient methodology to calibrate motion error sources on 5-axis machine tool by using the R-test. In the first report, we show the measurement principle of R-test and a method for evaluating geometric errors of 5-axis machine tools. An experimental application of R-test measurement is demonstrated on a commercial trunnion-type vertical 5-axis machining center. The identification of its kinematic errors is presented.