Machining, Measurement, and Control Laboratory

Measurement and compensation of motion errors on 5-axis machine tool by R-test (2nd report)
-- Identification and compensation of component errors on rotary axes --

Chiaki Oyama, Soichi Ibaraki, Hisashi Otsubo

This paper presents more efficient methodology to calibrate motion error sources on 5-axis machine tool by using the R-test. Besides kinematic errors, the most fundamental error sources in 5-axis kinematics, there are more complex error sources that may impose significant influence on the machine’s contouring performance. Such errors, including the gravity-induced deformation, angular positioning errors of a rotary axis, and run-out of a rotary axis, are modeled as angular-dependent kinematic errors, and are collectively called component errors of a rotary axis in this paper. In this second report, we show the methodology to identify component errors associated with rotary axes on 5-axis machine tools.