Machining, Measurement, and Control Laboratory

A machining test for identifying error motions of 5-axis machining center
Yusuke Ota, Soichi Ibaraki

Many measurement methods have been proposed to evaluate motion accuracy of a 5-axis machining center without machining. However, in an actual machining, thermal distortions due to e.g. heat generations induced by a spindle rotation has a large influence on machining accuracy. Thus, it is important to evaluate motion accuracy when it performs actual machining. This paper presents a method to identify error motions of rotary axes of a 5-axis machining center by a machining test. By comparing the results of the probing test (a test to indentify error motions by on-the-machine measurement of a workpiece before the machining process by using a touch-trigger probe) with those of the machining test, influences of thermal displacements on error motions can be identified.