Machining, Measurement, and Control Laboratory

Measurement and compensation of motion errors on mill-turn center by R-test
Yuu Nagai Soichi Ibaraki, Hisashi Otsubo, Masato Yanagisawa, Yasutaka Sakai, Shigeki Morimoto

Mill-turn centers, a lathe with a swiveling spindle head for milling, have spread through the market. The error motion of a milling spindle’s swivel axis is typically larger due to its mechanical design, and the difficulty with motion error measurement and mechanical adjustment. This paper presents an efficient method to diagnose motion errors of a milling spindle’s swivel axis by R-test. An experimental application of R-test measurement is demonstrated on two commercial mill-turn centers having different drive mechanisms. And the result of the compensation by CNC to identified motion errors is also shown in this report.
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