Machining, Measurement, and Control Laboratory

Study on Oscillation Grinding by Numerical Control with a Machining Center
Heisaburo NAKAGAWA (The University of Shiga Prefecture)
Toshiki HIROGAKI (The University of Shiga Prefecture)
Yoshinori IWASAKI
Takeharu HAYASHI
Yoshihiro KITA (Osaka Institute of Technology)
Yoshiaki KAKINO (Kyoto University)

In the present report, attempts were made to improve the surface roughness of ground workpiece due to oscillating a wheel by numerical control (NC) function with a machining center. An adequate NC programming for oscillation grinding with a machining center is examined. As a result, it is an effective method to improve the surface roughness in creep feed grinding by a small diameter wheel. In this case, small amplitude of oscillation also makes it feasible to improve the surface roughness after grinding.

Key words: oscillation grinding, machining center, NC, surface roughness, grinding wheel, dressing