Machining, Measurement, and Control Laboratory

Diagnosis of Motion Errors of the Rotary Axes in 5-axis Machining Center (1st Report)
-- The Procedure for Diagnosis of Angular Error Sources --

Ziye Li (Joetsu University of Education)
Yoshiaki Kakino (Kyoto University)
Akihiro Kawashima (Joetsu University of Education)
Yukitoshi Ihara (Osaka Institute of Technology)
Iwao YAMAJI (Kyoto University)
Munetaka Wakisaka (Mori Seiki Co., Ltd.)

Critical motion error sources of rotary axes with respect to linear axes in 5-axis machining center (MC) include: 1) the alignment error of rotary axes, and 2) the angular error due to e.g. the inclination of rotary axes. Each motion error has a particular "sensitive" direction where it causes the largest motion error in DBB measurement plane. In this paper, the diagnosis method for the motion error sources of rotary axes is proposed as: the first is to find out such the sensitive direction of each motion error source by using numerical simulation, and the second is to determine the diagnosis procedure according to the simulation results. Moreover, the applicability and effectiveness of the proposed diagnosis method is validated by this experiment.

Key words: NC machine tool, 5-axis control, DBB test, motion error, diagnosis procedure, rotary axes