Machining, Measurement, and Control Laboratory

The Accuracy of Cone Frustum Machined by Five-axis Machine Tool with Tilting Table
Matsushita Tetsuya, Oki Tadahiro, Matsubara Atsushi

The cone frustum machining test prescribed in NAS979 is only one method that is used in world wide to evaluate the machining accuracy of five-axis machine tools. The issue is that the test parameters are not defined in the machining by using five-axis machine tools with tilting table. The motion of each axis depends on the location of a workpiece, and the workpiece location is an important factor for the evaluation. In this paper, the influence of the workpiece location for five-axis machine tools with tilting table is analyzed, and it is shown that the accuracy of machined cone frustum varies due to the workpiece location and the influence of the geometric errors in the five-axis machine tool. The proper location to evaluate the geometric errors is also proposed.
Key Words:   five-axis machine tool, tilting table, cone frustum, geometric error, rotational axis.