Machining, Measurement, and Control Laboratory

Error calibration of 5-axis machine tools by on-machine measurement system using a laser displacement sensor
Yuu Nagai, Soichi Ibaraki, Shizuo Nishikawa

On-machine measurement using a laser displacement sensor, with rotating a workpiece on a 5-axis machine tool, has a strong advantage in its measurement efficiency. In such measurement, miscalibrations of a laser displacement sensorí position and direction, as well as motion errors of the machineís rotary axes, are clearly major contributors for the measurement uncertainty. This paper first formulates the influence of miscalibration of the sensorís installation on the measurement uncertainty. Then, based on the present formulation, a method to identify location errors of rotary axes, by using the present on-machine laser measurement system, is proposed.
Key words: 5-axis machine tool, On-machine-measurement, Calibration, Location errors, Laser displacement sensor.