Machining, Measurement, and Control Laboratory

In-situ Heat Treatment System for Die Steels using YAG Laser
with a Machining Center

Toshiki Hirogaki (The University of Shiga Prefecture)
Heisaburo Nakagawa (The University of Shiga Prefecture)
Masato Hayamizu (The University of Shiga Prefecture)
Yoshihiro Kita (Osaka Institute of Technology)
Yoshiaki Kakino (Kyoto University)

We propose a laser heat treatment system for die steels using a YAG laser on the machine tool table. Optical fiber is used to transmit the laser light from a source to the machine tool table in this system, which makes it possible to perform the cutting processes, the heat treatment and the grinding processes with a machining center. In the present report, the experiments of laser heat treatment were done in order to research suitable die steels for this system. Additionally, the temperatures based on a theoretical model were investigated during the laser irradiation. As a result, it is clear that the martensite start temperature (Ms point) of materials is an important factor to estimate the application of this heat treatment.

Keywords:   In-situ Heat Treatment, Die, Machining center, Optical fiber, YAG laser