Machining, Measurement, and Control Laboratory

Estimation of volumetric errors of machine tools by a laser tracker
S. Ibaraki, T. Kudo, T. Yano, T. Takatsuji, S. Osawa, O. Sato

The laser tracker is a laser interferometer with the mechanism to steer the laser direction to follow a target retroreflector automatically. Based on the triangulation principle, the three-dimensional position of the target can be estimated from a set of measured laser displacements from different positions of tracking interferometer. For its application to the evaluation of the volumetric accuracy of a machining center, this paper presents experimental investigation of the estimation accuracy of the multilateration-based measurement by a tracking interferometer. The laser tracker prototype developed by a part of the authors is used in experiments. The uncertainty analysis for the estimation of target positions, with a particualr interest in the influecne of tracker positions and the measurable volume, is also presented.
Key words: Laser tracker, volumetric errors, machine tools.