Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Micro Engineering
Precision Measurement and Machining Laboratory



Machine tools are called machines that create machines (mother machines), and Japan is in the top class in the field of machine tools.
The Precision Measurement and Machining Laboratory (Matsuhara Lab.) Conducts research on machining, measurement, control, and design of machine tools.

Machining and measurement

We are researching measurement control methods that achieve machining accuracy in submicrons, devising new measurements such as accuracy and vibration characteristics for 5-axis machine tools, and reducing thermal displacement or energy consumption of machine tools. .


We propose and design new machine tools in cooperation with machine tool manufacturers.
In addition, we aim to establish new processing methods and design guidelines by conducting actual machine experiments.

Activity policy

Matsubara Lab is a laboratory that values self-study.
The research policy will be decided in consultation with the teacher, but most of the research will be at the student's discretion.
We are working on research with the goal of weekly meetings and conference presentations. The meeting is held once a week for about half a day.

Suitable for people like this ...

People who like manufacturing and design: They can make anything with machines and tools.
People who want to do something related to a mechanical system: There are few labs dealing with machines in the department of physical engineering.
Those who want to conduct world-class research: There is also a chance to present at an international conference every year.

Annual event (Bachelor 4th students)

1st. semester

Attendance is upto you. However, weekly meetings and some trainings are mandatory.
April: Assignment to laboratories, research theme decision, experiment traning
May-: MATLAB training. Studying for graduate school exam.
August: Graduate school entrance examination

2nd. semesters

Researching for a graduation thesis presentation in early February!
September: Research start
February: Submission and hearing of graduation thesis
March: Domestic conference

Main research facilities

Desktop PC: One per person
Machining center: 3 units
Polishing machine: 1 unit
Metal additive manufacturing machine (metal 3D printer): 1